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Is Now A Good Time To Start Your Real Estate Business?

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By: Hugh M. Smith

In an era where the real estate market is navigating through choppy waters, with an imbalance of buyers to sellers and a dip in transaction counts, it might seem counterintuitive to consider this the prime time to embark on a career in real estate. Add to this the looming shadow of pending litigation poised to reshape the industry, alongside the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) automating tasks traditionally performed by agents, and the forecast might appear even more daunting.

Predictions suggest a compression in commission rates and a significant exodus of real estate agents in the coming years, with more than half expected to leave the industry.

So, why would now, amidst such tumultuous change and uncertainty, be hailed as the best time ever to become a real estate agent?

The Power of Disruption

To understand this paradox, let’s draw parallels from disruptors like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Reed Hastings of Netflix, and Elon Musk of Tesla. What these visionaries share is an unparalleled ability to leverage disruptive change, not as a hurdle but as a stepping stone to redefine entire industries. Their journeys underscore the essence of
entrepreneurial spirit: visionary leadership, a penchant for risk-taking, and an innate
ability to adapt and foresee market shifts. If these traits resonate with you, the unfolding
scenario in real estate presents not just challenges but a plethora of opportunities.

The Future Landscape of Real Estate

The trajectory of the real estate business, while complex, is underpinned by a few
certainties. The American dream of homeownership persists, ensuring the market’s
growth. Consumers are increasingly advocating for higher competency and lower fees
from real estate professionals. The industry is on the brink of embracing diverse
compensation and business models. However, the catalysts for these
transformations—be it market dynamics, legal battles, or regulatory changes—remain a
subject of speculation.

The Call for Innovation

Historically, significant innovations rarely originate from within established systems. The
real estate industry, with its traditionalist anchors like the National Association of
Realtors and the major brands, coupled with an oversaturated agent market, seems to
cling to outdated paradigms. Yet, amidst this resistance to change, there lies a fertile
ground for a new breed of real estate professionals—those equipped with the creativity,
agility, and willingness to disrupt the status quo.

Why the Time is Now

This unique confluence of factors heralds what could be considered the most opportune
moment in over a century to enter the real estate arena. The field is ripe for revolution,
beckoning a new generation of agents, brokers, and visionaries poised to challenge
conventions, innovate, and seize the vast opportunities that lie in reimagining real

The landscape ahead is vast and uncharted, promising not just a career but a chance to
be part of a transformative journey. For those daring enough to embrace change,
innovate, and lead, the potential rewards are boundless. The question isn’t just about
becoming a real estate agent; it’s about redefining what it means to be one in the
modern era.

In this pivotal moment, the real estate industry stands on the cusp of a new dawn,
making now an unprecedented time to dive in. The future belongs to those ready to
build it. Are you prepared to be part of this exciting journey and carve out your legacy in
the new era of real estate.


The current climate of disruption in the real estate market is not a deterrent but a clarion
call for the next wave of agents ready to innovate and thrive. As the industry stands at
the threshold of significant transformation, the opportunity to make a mark and prosper
has never been more pronounced. If you’re driven by a passion for change and a vision
for the future, the time to step into real estate is now.

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About the Author

Hugh M. Smith is the Broker/Owner of Coldwell Banker Chesapeake Real Estate
Company, with offices strategically located in Easton, Chestertown, and Chesapeake
City. These offices serve a broad area, including the Eastern Shore of Maryland,
Delaware, and southeastern Pennsylvania. First stepping into the real estate arena in
1979, Smith has been a stalwart of the industry, holding a Maryland Licensed Real
Estate Broker title since 1983. A past President of the Mid-Shore Board of Realtors
(MSBR), Smith current serves on the Maryland Association of Realtor’s (MAR) Housing
Opportunity and Professional Standards Committees.

A fervent student of the real estate industry, Smith dedicates himself to closely following
the insights and forecasts of industry thought leaders and renowned housing
economists. With a visionary gaze set firmly on the horizon, he is committed to
navigating the future of real estate with innovation and foresight.
Smith’s passion extends beyond transactions and into the heart of the real estate
community, where he finds great pride and fulfillment in training, mentoring, and
coaching the top producers of tomorrow. His leadership style is characterized by a deep
commitment to the professional growth and success of his team.

Residing on the picturesque waters of the Tred Avon River, nestled between Easton and
Oxford, Maryland, Smith, alongside his wife, enjoys the serene beauty of the Eastern
Shore, embodying the lifestyle and values at the core of Coldwell Banker Chesapeake
Real Estate Company.

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